EMUC TV – Industry Options

We are excited to announce the launch of EMUC TV at the European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers in Barcelona, Spain. EMUC TV brings a thrilling new element to the conference, using video to enhance your experience throughout this world leading event. It will serve as a unique platform to highlight the most important issues and aspects in urological cancer detection and treatment. The series will showcase scientific discussions that address emerging trends in urological cancers.

Partnering with award winning international film and broadcasting company, WebsEdge, EMUC TV will produce a two episodes throughout the conference. Each episode will feature:

  • Conference News: Onsite, EMUC TV will film interviews, capture session highlights and hear delegates’ insights and reactions from around the conference.
  • Specifically designed sponsored spots for the leading companies working on innovative products, drugs and equipment: To enhance the detection and treatment options for urological cancer, EMUC TV will also feature some of the leading companies who have developed innovative approaches to addressing urological malignancies. (see below for full opportunities)

​You will be able to view EMUC TV in a host of different ways. At the conference itself, the show will be on screens around the venue as well as available in selected hotel rooms. We will also make the program content available on the event website, on YouTube, as well as across social media channels.

In the lead up to the 2017 conference, WebsEdge will be reaching out to companies to discuss the opportunity of being involved as featured spot focusing on their work, to be included in the EMUC TV 2017 program. There is a cost to be featured on these slots and only a limited number of organization will be able to take part in EMUC TV.

Current opportunities for companies to be involved in EMUC TV include:

  • Daily show sponsor (2 available)
    • Branding as episode sponsor throughout one of the daily conference TV episodes
    • Onsite recorded booth profile to be premiered within the episode
    • Exclusive interview with speaker of sponsors choice
    • Full rights to use all video footage after the event
    • Branding on onsite EMUC TV signage
    • Exclusivity available- covers entire series and includes pre-recorded case study film (see below)


  • Case study pre-recorded film sponsorship (4 slots available)
    • Pre-production consultation on the client’s topic and schedule
    • One full day of filming at location of sponsors choosing
    • Professionally produced and edited 5-7 minute case study film showcasing work within the space
    • Full rights to use the film for marketing purposes after the event and use of any rushes/b-roll for clients own purposes via a royalty-free license


  • Interview sponsorship (2 slots available)
    • Onsite 2-3 minute interview with agreed representative of the organisation
    • Full rights to use interview content after the meeting for marketing purposes


  • Industry interview sponsorship (4 slots interview)
    • Sponsor to decide interview topic and nominate a prominent doctor or scientist to discuss the area
    • Onsite 4-5 minute interview with agreed doctor or scientist
    • Full rights to use interview content after the meeting for marketing purposes


  • Industry session spotlight (2 slots available)
    • Highlights of industry session premiered on conference TV
    • 2-3 minute interview with industry session speaker to give greater insight into their session
    • Full rights to use content after the meeting


  • Booth profile (2 slots available)
    • 2-3 minute slot profiling exhibitor booth at the conference to be featured on the second or third day
    • Interview at the stand
    • Ability to showcase product or service
    • Full rights to use the booth profile after the conference itself


If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact: Tom Sapsted – Email: tom@websedge.com Tel: +44 (0)207 630 4908