Uropathology training workshop

A uropathology training workshop will be offered for free during the 9th European Meeting on Urological Cancers (EMUC17) which will be held in Barcelona, Spain from 16 to 19 November. The workshop is titled “Joint histological evaluation of prostate specimens by the uropathologist and the clinician: We can do it better with Epstein.”

The one-hour workshop on November 18 will be presented by Prof. Epstein from Baltimore (USA). Joining Prof. Epstein as chairs are Prof. Antonio Lopez-Beltran (PT) and Prof. Montironi (IT).

The joint histological evaluation of specimens by the clinician and uropathologist can produce much more clinical and prognostic information than that contained in the final histopathology report. Both the clinician and uropathologist can benefit from such an approach. The former will more clearly understand and explain the preoperative features of the cancer, the intraoperative findings, and postoperative follow-up of the patient. The experience acquired would help improve him/her diagnostic and prognostication capabilities and surgical skill. The uropathologist will learn the great clinical significance of his/her daily routine. The course will be based on the projection and discussion of virtual slides and will foucus on Epstein criteria for active surveillance and prostate cancer grading.

A limited number of 20 participants can join the workshop for free and interested EMUC17 delegates can register for this workshop via the online registration system.