Evolving concepts in metastatic prostate cancer

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    Medical oncologist -  C.N. Sternberg, Rome (IT)
    Urologist -  R.J. Karnes, Rochester (US)
    Radiation therapist -  D. Dearnaley, Sutton (GB)
How should we treat our metastatic castrate sensitive patients?
Urologist -  N. James, Birmingham (GB)
Monitoring patients with metastatic disease
Radiologist - -  A. Padhani, Northwood (GB)
Treatment of the primary in metastatic patients
Urologist -  M. Graefen, Hamburg (DE)
Molecular radiotherapy
Radiologist -  U. Haberkorn, Heidelberg (DE)
Case discussion by the panel and interaction with audience (we need 1 case with oligoM+ then becoming poly-M+, 1 de-novo high volume M+ disease)
Urologist -  S. Brewster, Oxford (GB)